Wedding Photography Artwork

On July 6th 2013 I shot the Wedding of Torgeir and Susan at Winton House in East Lothian. A lovely Norwegian couple who along with their wee girl Linnea, family and friends from Norway and beyond, managed to bring with them some glorious summer sunshine to Scotland!

I took a series of images around the grounds of Winton House, which as a venue seems to have a never ending supply of great spaces to work in. (a photographers dream!) Later on in the evening, after the wedding breakfast and speeches were done, the light outside was nice and subdued so I took Susan and Torgeir to the wee lake within the grounds and shot some more relaxed portraits.

These worked really well and summed up the mood of the day, classy, relaxed and warm.The couple were delighted with the images and I was so glad they were enjoying reliving their day through them.

Being a wedding photographer is a curious job at times, you are part of one of the most important days in peoples lives, you witness the emotions of the Bride and Groom first hand and at close quarters, you get to see things most guests don’t and yet, most of the time we know the couple the least.
This is why I feel honoured and I never take it lightly that people are letting me in on their day to record these moments.Once the day and the celebrations are over, the photographs are delivered and sometimes we lose touch. I know I m providing a service for the day, but when that service involves getting to know Bride, Groom, family and friends, even for just a short time, its still a connection and I do wonder what my past clients are up to now, 1, 2, 5 or even 10 years down the line.(Thats a scary thought! 10 years!!:-))

So, It was to my surprise and delight I received an email from Susan a few weeks ago on their 1st anniversary, letting me know that she had bought a surprise for Torgeir, a reproduction of one of these images by a new upcoming artist called Anette Borge from near Oslo.Blog here:-

Here, the picture is hung on the wall in their home and I think it looks fantastic.susantorgier

And here is the original

Happy 1st Anniversary!

All the best


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